Friday, October 9, 2009


Some non-profit organizations are lucky enough to have budgets that include design and marketing. Others are lucky enough to get those services for free....of course, we fall into the latter category.

Thanks to a RIGGS Createathon grant, the Preservation Trust's salvage store image received a much-needed makeover. Imagine amazingly creative ad folks (Kevin Smith and his partners at RIGGS) + SAS identity crisis and lack of any marketing materials + 24 hours of working equals an amazing overhaul to the salvage image!


RIGGS renamed the store, created 3 separate image logos, business card and inventory tag layouts, 3 snazzy ads/copy, yard signs, etc...based on our ideas, hopes, and aspirations for the store and inspired by the Joyce Kilmer poem "The House With Nobody In It".

We are EVER grateful for the hard work and beautiful deliverables from RIGGS. For more information about the Createathon, visit:

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