Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Discussion of the Blackwood Bungalow...and why (or why not) it should be saved


We are so glad our restoration of the Blackwood Bungalow has sparked (heated) debate about whether or not the project is worth doing....and why. Many thanks to Spartanburg Spark who has hosted the discussion, and for author Christopher George who has enlightened us on the dark history of Governor I.C. Blackwood, former resident of 232 Hydrick Street.

Please read the posts to learn more, and join in the discussion about preservation of homes and history.

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Lauren said...

I have read Mr. George's take on Governor Blackwood. Certainly the Honea Path textile strike of 1934 is a stain on the history of this state and the administration of Ibra Blackwood. But I hope the Trust recognizes that the entire history of Blackwood is not a "dark history" as you put it on this blog. He had many other accomplishments as governor and those should not be overlooked.

Please don't try to just to appease some local blogger who wants to tear down the home just because he personally hates the Governor as a historical figure. I think you will find his is a fringe opinion and most people who love South Carolina history (like myself) appreciate what you guys are doing.

Most people hate the fact that we had slavery once in this country, but that does not mean we don't have our Civil War monuments and restore plantations for the public.

Just because Blackwood may have had an involvement with the Honea Path riots (and the level of his involvement is itself a subject of historical debate) does not mean we don't recognize his historical significance to this community.