Thursday, January 15, 2009

What treasure is in your attic?

Greetings from Assistant Director Rebecca Parrish!

I recently traveled to my hometown of Lakeland, Florida and stayed with my cousin. She brought down a box of old family photos and shoebox containing old letters she had found when cleaning out our grandparents' home in 1997. As we started to open and read the letters, we realized the true gift we had discovered: love letters from my grandfather to my grandmother, courting her, from 1928 through 1930. These letters are filled with loving sentiments, showing us a side to our grandfather we never knew existed. We learned about his nicknames and found drawings in some of the letters. In effort to fully preserve (and yet share) the letters, I've taken on the task of scanning each one. It will be a slow process, but I am eager to take advantage of technology to share these small pieces of history with the modern world.

So, what is in your attic (or closet, or hope chest, or footlocker)? What did your relatives leave behind for you to discover? Take a look today; you might be surprised by what you find....

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Anna said...

I would love to see things like that...I am actually in the process of scanning my grandfather's WWII pictures and letter to my grandmother at that time before they married. It is exciting and SO different than now adays... good luck Rebecca!