Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Kudzu Kind of Christmas

The Preservation Trust of Spartanburg Celebrates Holidays with “Kudzu Kind of Christmas”

The holiday season is here; and the Preservation Trust of Spartanburg is celebrating in a big and creative way, calling it a “Kudzu Kind of Christmas”.

That’s right…kudzu vines collected by neighborhood volunteers Tim Fisher, Marlene Comer, Linda Powers-Bilanchone, Steve & Erin Shanafelt, and Kudzu Coalition volunteers Tim Hemphill, Samantha Parks, Newt Hardie will be on display at the offices of the Preservation Trust of Spartanburg and Partners for Active Living, located at 226 South Spring Street (Cantrell Bungalow) in the Hampton Heights Historic District. The effort was also aided by Shawndel Scott who delivered a bulk of the vines and crowns.

Vines wrapped in lights and adorned with ribbon join ornaments made from the large crowns of the kudzu vine. The holiday décor reflects the year-long partnership of the Preservation Trust and Kudzu Coalition, who together have been working to eradicate kudzu in the four acre green space between Carlisle Street and Brookwood Terrace.

Decorations will be on display from December 3, 2008 until January 2, 2008.

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