Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Preservation across the nation...our board members get out there!

Not everyone is lamenting the gas prices and staying at home this summer. We recently had a member of our board (Patrick Armstrong) travel to Montana. Lucky for us, Patrick packed his Preservation Trust t-shirt in his suitcase to wear while on the trip (below).This got our wheels turning...what if we asked our staff, board members and friends to do the same the next time they travel and/or visit a landmark?

So, this is our request...support the mission and work of the Trust in a wearable form (cost of t-shirt $15), take a photo of yourself in a locale other than the great City of Spartanburg, email it to us, and watch it pop up on blogger.

If you need a t-shirt, let us know. Labor Day is coming up, so we hope you get out there and see the sights looking spiffy in your Trust T! Happy travels!


Steve Shanafelt said...

Nice idea. Is there a prize for the farthest flung t-shirt? Say, someone wearing a Preservation Trust tee on Easter Island?

Trust Staff said...

Sounds like a great idea and a true challenge indeed...are you headed to Easter Island in the near future?